Local Roots supports mingling, but its founder loves her quiet time

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Local Roots supports mingling, but its founder loves her quiet time

Wen-Jay Ying created Local Roots to be a social food-share experience.

Restaurant Row soup kitchen serves hot meals with a side of community

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Lunch is served at St. Luke's soup kitchen. Photo: Jinna Wang

On a cold rainy afternoon in Hell’s Kitchen’s Restaurant Row, the dining room at St. Luke’s soup kitchen is packed with hungry customers.

B & H Dairy keeps kosher alive in the East Village

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B & H Dairy keeps kosher alive in the East Village

B & Dairy in the East Village prides itself on maintaining the same menu of traditional kosher vegetarian Eastern European food through numerous ownership changes.

New York sits down to dinner

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Volunteers prepare a salad for the Thursday lunch offered at St. George's Common Table. Photo: Lindsay Purcell.

Every Thursday, Doug Perry and his loyal volunteers prepare a three-course lunch for their guests, many of whom are homeless, including a sumptuous dessert buffet. For many, this “old fashioned church supper” is just like coming home.

Ostrich: the other red meat

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Ostrich and emu eggs draw customers in at the Roaming Acres stand. Photo: Aleksandra Konstantinovic.

Traditional steaks and sausage might be off the menu for health-conscious eaters after a World Health Organization cancer warning. But could ostrich be the new red meat of choice?

Injera brings Ethiopian cuisine to the West Village

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The dining area at Injera on a Saturday night. Co-owners and married couple, Roman Keflay and Pierre Casaux, take service personal, making sure to greet and serve their customers. Photo: JoVona Taylor.

Injera, an ethnic restaurant with a staff as diverse as its clientele, sticks to traditional food. Co-owners and couple Roman Keflay and Pierre Casaux aim to make their dining atmosphere welcoming for all.

The Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot

New Yorkers can dine around the world without ever leaving the five boroughs — and every ethnic restaurant tells the story of a journey from there to here.

The British are Cooking

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Sticky toffee pudding at the Cock & Bull pub in Midtown. Kiley Bense.

Traditional British cuisine, known for all things heavy, fried and bland, was once an easy punch line. But the neglected stepchild of continental cooking is having a moment in America.