What We Savor

What We Savor

Each year, we write about the food that means the most to us — the people it reminds us of, the childhood memories, the smells that, even now, can bring us back to special mo...

New York Sits Down to Dinner 2019

New York Sits Down to Dinner 2019

Nearly 800,000 people work supplying food to New Yorkers. We traveled to every borough to talk to them about what they eat....

Healthy foods can improve brain health. Photo by Stock Snap

Food for thought

Genetics, cholesterol and age have all been cited as causes for dementia, but recent studies have identified another possible factor—food...

Alexis Watkins, an occupational therapist at Bellevue Hospital, demonstrates a tool designed for wheelchairs users to turn off stove knobs from their chairs.

For wheelchair users in the city, cooking is complicated

There are 60,000 wheelchair users living in New York City. Many face challenges in the kitchen. ...

Melting Pot

Chinese chefs bring Japanese cuisine to Staten Island
Mar 28, 2019 | by | No Comments | Read →

On a quiet block in Staten Island, two Fujianese chefs fill an unmet need for Japanese cuisine....

What we savor

Inheriting love and lasagna
May 14, 2019 | by | No Comments | Read →

The women in my family are notoriously bad cooks, but my mother’s lasagna was always a favorite. Now, it’s getting harder to come by. ...

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A Greek addition to Harlem’s diversity
Whaddapita, a new Greek street food restaurant in central Harlem. Photo: Yuan Yuan

A Greek American decided that Harlem needed a Greek restaurant, after several field trips to the area last spring. ...

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Ugly produce companies: a solution or a disruption
The smaller, starter box offered by Misfits Market, a Philadelphia-based start-up that delivers ugly farm produce to customers. Photo: Misfits Market

Ugly produce companies aim to combat food waste, but what's the potential impact on the food supply chain?...

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Merzouka Cafe captivates Astoria locals
Shakshuka, a traditional Moroccan egg-dish, is one of Merzouka's most popular items. Photo: Emily Malcynsky.

Thirty years after leaving Morocco, Jamal Missaoui and his wife Jamila opened Merzouka Cafe, where All Day Breakfast is a one-man job. ...

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All vendors but one move to new Essex Street market
Ira Stolzenburg, oldest surviving vendor at the Essex Street Market enjoys a cigarette outside of the old market building.

There's one holdout as Essex Street Market vendors move into their new space, Essex Crossing....

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Hospitality included heats up kitchen pay
Hospitality included heats up kitchen pay

Chef/partner Nick Anderer and managing partner Terry Coughlin, of Maialino and Marta, talk about kitchen life -- not kitchen TV, but kitchen life -- and why Union Square Hospitalit...

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