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New York Sits Down to Dinner, 2017

Though the restaurant world is dominated celebrity chefs and high-profile pop-ups, the real story is much more intricate – and interesting. Restaurants in New York state employ over 800,000 people, making up nine percent of state employment. Restaurants are in the midst dramatic changes, largely driven by new consumers and technology. Traditional fine dining is […]

The bouncing ham: A tale of huge pork-portions

I wouldn’t say that my mother was an inventive cook. She wasn’t even a good cook. So why she chose Easter, surrounded by relatives, to be creative is beyond me.

Sears brings passion and a camera to the table

Food photographer for chefs and producers across the country, NYC-based Ashley Sears is surrounded by equipment — and leftovers.

Make food great again: Video

Videos produced by Professor Betsy West’s video class.  Sanctuary for restaurant workers, Abigail Morris Syrian American reacts to travel ban, Caroline Koenigsfeldt Iranian dinner with the Prince of Persia, Sangsuk Sylvia Kang Separated by the travel ban, Xiaoxian Liu A rich legacy from six countries: food, glorious food, Margie Merritt One group of Middle Eastern […]

Make food great again

Donald Trump thinks about terrorism when he thinks about the countries on the immigration ban–Sudan, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria. We think: Food in video & print. Delicious Middle Eastern food. It’s the rich culinary legacy of more than a half million immigrants from those six countries who are already in the United States.

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Big buy-ups rattle craft beer enthusiasts

Craft brew continues to rise in popularity in the U.S. and around the world, even as fans worry about potential oversaturation of the market, as well as sales to larger brewers.

B & H Dairy keeps kosher alive in the East Village

B & Dairy in the East Village prides itself on maintaining the same menu of traditional kosher vegetarian Eastern European food through numerous ownership changes.