Chinese chefs bring Japanese cuisine to Staten Island

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Jiang prepares an order for takeout

On a quiet block in Staten Island, two Fujianese chefs fill an unmet need for Japanese cuisine.

Kyoto pastry chef seeks independence in Brooklyn

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Tomoko Kato (right) decorates a cake with dried rosebuds while Tia Yen (left) mixes cake batter. Photo: Sanam Yar.

Tomoko Kato never planned on living in the states forever, but with her Franco-Japanese pastry shop, she’s created a slice of home within Williamsburg.

Queens restaurant owner embraces the American dream

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The Melting Pot.

With the steady growth of the West Indian community in Queens, New York, Keron Capleton-Allen tries to ensure that Melting Point Cuisine welcomes a diverse crowd.

New York sits down to dinner

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Photo: Timmy Shen.

Growing up in the Bronx, William is the best English-speaker in the household, and because of that he’s a 12-year-old grown-up in many ways.