Changing the reputation of food donating, one pickup at a time

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Changing the reputation of food donating, one pickup at a time

There’s a longstanding belief among many New York independent restaurants that it’s difficult to donate excess food. That notion is starting to change thanks to ReThink Food NYC.

NYC may become foie gras-free — this time, for real

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Schatzie Prime Meats on the Upper West Side

There’s another push to ban foie gras in NYC, but this time, it may actually pass.

Home is where the carne asada taco is

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Carne asada taco, a classic Mexican dish

Everyone knows — Tijuana tacos are the best.

Queens restaurant owner embraces the American dream

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The Melting Pot.

With the steady growth of the West Indian community in Queens, New York, Keron Capleton-Allen tries to ensure that Melting Point Cuisine welcomes a diverse crowd.

Dinner with one of the world’s best sommeliers

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Aldo Sohm. © Annette Ejiofor.

Crowned the world’s best sommelier in 2008, Aldo Sohm maintains a busy life in the world of wine but takes a moment to sit down for dinner.

New York sits down to dinner

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Photo: Timmy Shen.

Growing up in the Bronx, William is the best English-speaker in the household, and because of that he’s a 12-year-old grown-up in many ways.

On the street, messages from the hungry homeless

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Photo: Timmy Shen.

A snapshot of all kinds of messages the hungry homeless give out.

Injera brings Ethiopian cuisine to the West Village

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The dining area at Injera on a Saturday night. Co-owners and married couple, Roman Keflay and Pierre Casaux, take service personal, making sure to greet and serve their customers. Photo: JoVona Taylor.

Injera, an ethnic restaurant with a staff as diverse as its clientele, sticks to traditional food. Co-owners and couple Roman Keflay and Pierre Casaux aim to make their dining atmosphere welcoming for all.

The Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot

New Yorkers can dine around the world without ever leaving the five boroughs — and every ethnic restaurant tells the story of a journey from there to here.

By the numbers

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By the numbers

Our iconic professionals may not have the highest profiles or cash the biggest paychecks, but they help to define New York’s unique personality.