B & H Dairy keeps kosher alive in the East Village

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B & H Dairy keeps kosher alive in the East Village

B & Dairy in the East Village prides itself on maintaining the same menu of traditional kosher vegetarian Eastern European food through numerous ownership changes.

The Crossover Pastry

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Breads Bakery, 18 E. 16th Street, Union Square. Photo: Mary Wojcik

Babka forever: “It’s simple enough to be used as a snack or a coffee cake, but it’s fancy enough that it can be served at a nice dinner party,” explained Gil Marks.

The Senior Citizen

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Salmon with beets and spinach. Photo: Mary Wojcik

Kosher meals help seniors to fill in a nutritional gap.

Survival To Go

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East Side Glatt on Grand Street (Photo: Mary Wojcik)

A Lower East Side kosher butcher hunts for new customers as old ones move away.