New food advocacy: Everyone gets a seat at the table

April 27th, 2016  |  Published in Today's Special

Lori SIlverbush, producer of 'A Place at the Table,' speaks about her film and hunger issues in America.

Lori Silverbush, director of the documentary film “A Place at the Table,” sees a new era in the fight to end hunger, as the first wave — free food distribution as a fast response to immediate need — gives way to a drive for public policy that addresses access and food education, and enables¬†people to chart their own healthy-food futures. She is developing a multimedia campaign based on the film, and working with Food Policy Action, “a group dedicated to forming a genuine food movement — which doesn’t exist, really — that lobbies on behalf of this country’s eaters,” she said. She spoke with the NYTable staff about what a cohesive advocacy moment can accomplish.

Video by Kailyn Lamb and Lani Chan. 


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