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Mom and mousse cake and me

At my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, the dessert table sometimes has pecan pie or apple tart, but no matter what there’s always chocolate mousse cake.

Restaurants devise safeguards to protect allergic diners

Riley Lassin, a server at a Morningside Heights restaurant that specializes in gluten-free dining, has celiac disease. She can eat almost everything on the menu, and she reassures diners about their dietary restrictions.

Dinner with the queen of brunch

Restaurateur Dede Lahman and her husband, Chef Neil Kleinberg, own two restaurants in New York City and five abroad, but they still make time to have dinner every night with their ten-year-old daughter, Jade.

Sixty-year-old Staten Island pizzeria to open in the East Village

The Pappalardo family has been making pizza in Staten Island since 1960. This spring, they’re finally expanding to Manhattan’s East Village.